Chaos at the Tele2 relocation of the e-mail ?.

  • 7 januari 2021
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Since Wednesday, July 9, a large part of the Tele2 consumers has been seriously hindered by a number of “technical changes”. Technical changes / migration that was not announced well in advance. In a message sent at the eleventh hour it was suggested that the real nuisance would be over within hours to a day. The problems that have now arisen were not even discussed. It seems that this mainly concerns consumers who have kept their old Versatel or Zonnet address (part of Tele2). In the most serious case, no e-mail has been received for almost a week and / or it is no longer possible to log in, but other troubles also arise. Consumers complain about not receiving business assignments, not receiving airline tickets, reactions to job applications, angry reactions not answering mail (which after all was not received) etc…. Many victims. Those who have arranged a forwarding address also only receive little e-mail. Mail sent to these addresses will not be answered with an error message. Despite many complaints, Tele2 has at customer service (have been calling flat since 9-7) and on the Tele2 forum. only vague and not fully admitted to their website Monday that people are not receiving email. Until then, only other less serious problems were mentioned. An official response from the management and a forecast with regard to a solution was not forthcoming, after which consumers approached the media on Monday. Various newspapers and sites have already reported on this. Spokesman of Tele2 still denies some problems, weakens, does not tell the whole truth, trivializes etc. Ultimately, management has promised that it will be resolved on 18-7, so that means, among other things, in my case then ws. no email for over a week! And then let's hope that you still receive last week's email. The problem and the way in which Tele2 deals with this and bragging customers off says enough.





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@alexsunny123 Are you indeed a customer, i.e. do you pay for this service?