how to receive a full refund for defective and counterfeit product?

  • 30 juni 2020
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I recently bought an Apple Magsafe charger on

It arrived without any box or any apple document. 
The charger didn't work well, charging  irregularly up to a point it overheated my macbook and caused it to crash and emit a weird noise, which never happened before.

After some research on internet I realized it might be a counterfeit, so I went to an apple store and they confirmed me it was a fake.

I then bought a new Apple Magsafe charger from another vendor, that arrived with everything proving its originality (apple box and all the documentation).

I thus compared the two chargers and the one bought via PhoneMarket (on the bottom or on the right of the attached following pictures) clearly looks very different from the original one. It also weights way less.

I was sold a counterfeit product
I'd like to receive a refund of my entire purchase and the shipping costs to send the product back to the seller, but he refused. What shall I do?

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Contacting your supplier is basically your only viable option.

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In Nederland is het zo dat de leverancier verantwoordelijk is, en dus niet de fabrikant in dit geval Apple. Trouwens het blijkt dat u niet eens een Apple heeft gekocht, maar een nepper bij phonemarket.  U moet dus bij hen zijn. Dient bij hen een klacht in, zet een klacht over hen op Klachtenkompas. En als te bewijzen is dat ze u bedrogen hebben, dient dan een aanklacht in bij politie e.d.

In the Netherlands, the supplier is responsible, not the manufacturer in this case Apple. By the way, it turns out that you didn't even buy an Apple, but a fake at phonemarket. So you have to be with them. Submit a complaint to them, put a complaint about them on Complaint Compass. And if it can be proved that they have cheated on you, file a complaint with the police, etc.