Mac or Windows again?

  • 11 januari 2021
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My 14-year-old son will soon need another laptop for school. He now knows a lot about Windows 7 and he indicates that he now wants an Apple Macbook. My husband and I wonder if the switch won't be too big. He has never worked on an Apple machine and friends tell us that the difference is very big between Windows and Mac OSX.

Does anyone have experience with such a switch and how did you experience it? 




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It will be easy for him. I could do it without problems.

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First I should tell you I have no experience with Macbooks myself (but I do with iPhone).

Macs are genuinely more expensive and have less connectionposibilties compared to Windows laptops or Chromebooks (so having a macbook to fit with the cool kids comes at an expense). iOS is considered more intuitive, Windows is better for gaming. 

A Windows laptop will have to be checked out by the manufacturer of the computer in case techsupport is needed (after point-of-sale-waranty has expired). All things Apple have one servicepoint: Apple (either a brandstore, an authorized reseller or authorized computer-repairspecialist) . Therefor it is considered Apple has simpler techsupport.

The school itself might advice on an operating system and minimum requirements. For some educations (especially graphic design) Macbooks are considered better.

If your son already has an iPhone there are advantages with pairing it with an iOS laptop.

I didn't have a lot of issues getting used to iOS on my iPhone, and I think your son will have a smooth transition given his age.

I hope this is helpful, but this is partly just my opinion.




Switching is good.
After a while, he knows also al lot about Apple.
It's makes him understand computers better.