No where to write/find independent review mobile providers in NL

  • 3 december 2015
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I would like to share my experience with others to choose new providers, and I checked, checked and checked in internet sites but nowhere to write my review/experience.Only providers themselves in their site are saying "We are the best in the reviews", this sounds/looks rather stupid to advitise by themselves (how can I believe thier own REVIEW!?).In Japan, it is very common to write review on several independent sites.Therefore I decided to start this discussion in the consumentenbond.

Herecomes my experience.

I got bad experience and excellent experience with Hollandnieuw. I had mistaken to change the abonnement, which was bad experience because it was not very clearly indicated that the beltegoed would be a month geldig in the new abonnement tough with old abonnement had been 3 months. Excellent experience with Hollandnieuw was assistance I got from them after this incident.

Now I would still continue the abonnement with Hollandnieuw and recommend it from their excellent service.* I have to say worst ever experience with service is Tele2, they deleted one of my Email account which I had had for 12 years without noticing. I called them with my expense (very difficult to contact them also) but only heard "We are sorry we cannot do anythig". After 15 years being a Klant (I think we should be one of longest record klants in NL), that is not what I wanted to hear.


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