How is possible that Ziggo gets away with scamming customers again and again?

  • 16 May 2022
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I just moved to the Netherlands and I joined Ziggo 2 months ago and I’m being actively scammed by this awful company. More than 10 times I’ve contacted customer support and all I get are lies and lies. 
I got in a 1 year contract with them with the promise of 50% discount for 12 months.

  • The first invoice comes and it’s wrong, but I’m told that I have to pay the full amount € 99,71 (instead of the correct € 75.72) or I will get incassokosten on top of that.
  • I’m promised in many occasions by customer support that the next invoice will be corrected and that they will return the money that was wrongfully taken from my account.
  • The next invoice arrives and it’s wrong again. In the May invoice I should be paying € 8.75 (€ 32,74 - € 23,99), instead, it states that € 132, 45 will be deducted from my account. 
  • Now I’m being told again and again that next month….

I can’t believe that this company keeps getting away with this behaviour. I also don’t know what to do. At this point this is blatantly fraud and nobody is doing anything about them. I’ve searched online and I’m not the only customer they are doing this to. I also have it in writing from one of their representatives that more people have been affected by their ‘mistake’. 
There has to be some kind of consumer protection in this country isn’t it there?

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Did you use the telephone a lot? Because that comes on top of the monthly payment. Using the telephone is €0,14 per minute. 

Ziggo has a large forum where you can get advice. You can dial Ziggo for free on 1200.

Hi Jan, I don’t have a phone contract with Ziggo, only internet at a fixed price of €32,74 per month. That’s the contract I signed with them. 

I also tried their forum, and every other channel they have to reach out to their customer support. They just keep saying the same lies everywhere. So it’s completely useless to contact customer support 

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Can you download the MijnZiggo app on your mobile phone? After you login you see two balloons in the upper right corner. That is for chat.

If you use that one you get contact with somebody who is allowed to make decisions and solve your problem. All the others are just advisory personel who send messages into the organisation and nothing happens.

The chat people are very polite and help you. Please be polite too and don't show any anger which might spoil it. 

You best start contacting someone that understands these matters in person because this approach is useless. Based on the information you have given It impossible to establish what is the case and thereby impossible to give advice. This company is not in the business of scamming so probably there is some misunderstanding.

I’ve tried contacting them directly through the app several times. Also by phone. That’s what I meant with every channel. The problem is not them understanding, they understand. They just don’t want to return the money that was wrongfully taken from my account and just keep giving excuses. They’ve admitted in many occasions that the invoices are wrong. And also that I’m not the only customer affected. I have it all in writing. 

What I need help with is advice on how to hold a company like Ziggo accountable for scamming their customers. And yes, I’m calling it a scam because searching online I could find more customers with similar complaints as mine. So this is quite a serious issue.

There has to be a process or an organisation in this country that Ziggo can be reported to. This company’s behaviour is a violation of consumer rights 

You can see here in one of their latest reply that they are admitting that they did this to more customers and that instead of refunding the money that they wrongfully took from my account their “solution” is to try to get me to stay with them for 13 months instead of the 12 than I’m contractually obligated. 

For obvious reasons, I don’t want to spend a single second more than necessary with this awful company, so the moment my contract runs out I’m switching to another ISP. Which means that I will never get my money. 

Now imagine that this was the other way around. That I pay them 24€ short. I would be held accountable immediately. I would get my internet disconnected and registered as a defaulter and made to pay incassokosten. How it’s possible that I get to be accountable, but they aren’t? How is this an acceptable situation to be in as a consumer? Is really there no protection? 



There has to be a process or an organisation in this country that Ziggo can be reported to. This company’s behaviour is a violation of consumer rights 

Of course this is possible, it is the same in any civilized country, if you are wronged you can take them to court and reclaim your damages. There are in fact cheaper options, somewhat along the lines of a small claims court but in your case you really need to first find somebody that has a proper understanding of the language and the culture to help you because otherwise you end up "fighting windmills", the Spanish not the Dutch kind.

There is no organisation you just explain your problem to and they will take it from there and go after your money. Doesn't exist.