Ziggo scam

  • 9 February 2021
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I apologize for my English!  As with someone several months ago, I was taken by a Ziggo scam recently.  They sent an email promotion for 6 month free trial of their 1G option.  I called about it and the woman said that it was only free for 1 level up.  I was only using their 50MB service so she said that the 6 month free trial would be for 250MB, not 1G.  I said fine.  She said I had 6 months to decide if I wanted it.  She also said that they would send me a more current modem than the one I had.  Through the conversation we had (covid times, etc) she finally said, look, I’ll just do it for the 1G, no extra charge, and you’ll have 6 months to decide.  I asked her many times about no fee.  I also don’t remember her telling me that my contract would change.  I did renew my 2 vodafone lines and knew that would be a new contract.  But she guaranteed that my ziggo monthly payment would remain the same.

After I received the 1st bill, I called Ziggo as it was more.  The person was very confused by my invoice and after much time finally came back and said everything was fine and that there would be a credit on the next invoice.  The next bill arrived even higher.  I called again and after 4 sales people later, I finally got an administrator that said I was paying for the new 1G service.  I explained and he said that he understood and could see that the sales person agreed to give me the 1G for 6 months as she wrote all of this in her notes.  He said that unfortunately I was sent a contract (an emailed contract that requires no signature) and I didn’t opt out after 2 weeks (that was about the time I called the 1st time and they said a credit would be issued and all was fine).  I assumed that the contracts I received were for my Vodafone extension).  He told me that he would file a complaint to the legal department and someone would call back.  No one has and my bill is still the same. Is there anything I can do.  They know what the salesperson told me and that it was a lie but…

Can I do anything about this?  What would my next step be?  I can’t believe it would be legal for a company to do this and especially not tell you that a 6 month free trial is a contract.


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Hi, I joined Ziggo 2 months ago and I’m being actively scammed by this awful company. 10 times I’ve contact customer support and all I get are lies and lies. 
I got in a 1 year contract with them with the promise of 50% discount for 12 months.

  • The first invoice comes and it’s wrong, but I’m told that I have to pay the full amount € 99,71 (instead of the correct € 75.72) or I will get incassokosten on top of that. I’m promised in many occassions by customer support that the next invoice will be corrected and that they will return the money that was wrongfully taken from my account.
  • In the May invoice I should be paying € 8.75 (€ 32,74 - € 23,99), instead, it states that € 132, 45 will be deducted from my account. 
  • Now I’m being told again and again that next month….

I can’t believe that this company keeps getting away with this behaviour. I also don’t know what to do. At this point this is blatantly fraud and nobody is doing anything about them