Kamernet is charging me for a Premium subscription I never used and they have no support.

  • 8 March 2022
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Hello people!

I thought I’d post here my experience with Kamernet because I paid for a Premium signature for the month of September but I am being charged for it even this month of february (I just got a letter in the mail harassing me asking me to pay this month!)


For those not familiar, Kamernet is a company where people can advertise their homes for rent but can only talk with other users if they pay for the premium.

After September I didn’t even log in, let alone contact anyone in Kamernet. In fact, I thought that the premium had expired.

The reason that it took me so long to realize that the Premium didn’t expire is that Kamernet was not charging my account. They produced a iDeal factuur for the premium subscription in the month of Semptember that my roomate paid because I didn’t had my phone on me.

For some reason, Kamernet thought that this meant that they had the right to automatically debit my roommate with my premium subscription, which they only saw when they checked their bank accounts, after having paid 3 months on premium of an inactive account.

So I immediately contacted support (by email, because it is impossible to contact them by phone) and they told me that even though my account was inactive and that they can verify that I didn’t use any of the Premium resources, that would not refund my roommate’s money.


So now I am in debt with a third party and today I received a letter telling me to pay an absurd fine.


What should I do?

Is there any number or email I can contact to receive help in this matter? 


Thanks so much for the help and I am also grateful for this space.


Best Regards

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