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  • 19 October 2021
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Hi guys!

I live abroad and I don't speak Dutch. May you tell me which numbers should I press to talk to someone in English calling +31 070 445 45 45,  please?

Kind Regards, 




Beste antwoord door A. Deen 19 October 2021, 19:46

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That's the general number, and this beeing the Netherlands, I would be surprised if they wouldn't be able to help you in (broken) English, during office hours of course.

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It's well said but please leave out the first zero otherwise it won't work.
So dial +31 70 445 45 45

Thanks A. Deen and Jan for your replies.

The number works, but I don't speak Dutch - so I was wondering if I’d have to press a number to talk to someone in English.

I’d like to become a member because I need legal advice in English. :(

You probably haven't been to the Netherlands yet, just speak English, it'll probably sort itself out just fine.

Hi A. Deen.

Thanks again for your answer.

I lived in Almere :)

I’ll wait a few minutes - listening to a Dutch recording- before hanging up the phone tomorrow (maybe someone will talk to me after a while).



If you live here you must have noticed people generally speak a fait bit of English. Once you get someone one the line they should at least be able to tell you what they can of can't help you with. I don't think there is an official foreign language number so you either try or get someone that does speak some Dutch to call for you. I see no other option.


Hey A. Deen.

Thanks again, you’re very helpful.

My only chance is to call and wait for someone to speak English. But have the following information on their website: 

Operational Languages


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Hi @Gebruiker1634657204 

As @A. Deen already wrote “ people generally speak a fait bit of English”, I can add from my own experiences that in NL nearly all middle and large companies and unions, like the the Dutch consumer union which we as you know call “Consumentenbond” are often officially bilangual in their communication, meaning access to Dutch or English speaking employees for external contacts. In fact it is what you found your self given your weblink.
Good luck with your legal advice.

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@Gebruiker1634657204 Hello Caroline, welcome to the Community :grin: as @A. Deen so kindly said we might be able to converse a bit in English, but because we are a Dutch organisation we only give out legal advice to our members in de Dutch language. I hope this isn't a big problem. Were you seeking help for anything specific? 

Thanks @Gebruiker1234567890 en @Eva. for your replies, but if the legal advice is in Dutch that's no point for me to become a member, unfortunately.  Cheers, Caroline.