Basic-Fit added two months to my contract due to Corona, is this legal?

  • 6 augustus 2020
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(Sorry, mijn geschreven Nederlands is nog niet zo goed...)


I got a Basic-Fit contract for one year in September 2019. As I am a student, I explicitly went for the one year term to fit with the academic year, since I was not sure where I will be living from September 2020. 


When I cancelled my contract, more than the month advance that I was supposed to give, I saw that my contract now ends at the end of November. I also went to speak to someone at my local club and she also just stated that my contract is now 14 months long “because of Covid”. 


Is this legal? Can Basic-Fit simply change the dates of a contract without my permission? 


I understand that Corona had an impact on them, but it also had an impact on their clients. I find this quite infuriating as I have also lost my summer job because of Corona, and now need to pay two months for a gym I wont use while I am struggling financially to get through the month. 


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No, that's not legal. If they have to close because of Corona they should reimburse you for the those months. Offering people an extension for the months they missed out on is not forbidden and even logical but you should be able to refuse. If you paid by automatic collection via your bank there is an option to retrieve your money. Be prepared though Basic fit might fight and that could force you to seek legal assistance which is more costly than two month gym membership.

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Yes, I think so too. If they got their pay from you by automatic collection, you can retrieve your monthly payment back within the bank app. Just tick on the payment in your bank app and choose "Terugboeken". It only works with automatic collection. We call it "incasso".

If your contract states 12 months, or it states ending then and then, you have a strong case. They cannot change that without your consent. Best is also you send them an email or letter that you don't agree.