Bedwantsen: Hoe kom ik ervan af?

  • 10 July 2021
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ik heb last van Bedwantsen, ik wil weten hoe ik van af komt.


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Oh jee dat is heel vervelend, en van wat ik begreep uit de klachten in de VS is het een heel moeilijk en langdurig proces om er af te komen. De New Yorkt Times/Wirecutter heeft hier een pagina: waar ze stellen:

How long will this take to clean?

It can take days, weeks, or longer to fully vanquish a bedbug infestation. You will likely need to repeat the steps outlined here until you’ve gotten rid of the bugs entirely.


De beste methode is natuurlijk om te zorgen dat ze niet (opnieuw) je huis binnenkomen, en daarom zul je wat betreft beddegoed, overnachtingen bij anderen ook goed op moeten (gaan) letten dat je niet hen besmet en vervolgens weer jezelf:

You’ll likely need to continue inspecting, cleaning, vacuuming, and decluttering for days or weeks while the PCO treats your infestation. During this time, avoid spreading bedbugs outside the home by limiting what you bring in and out. Bedbugs don’t live on people, but they could hitch a ride on clothing or bags. And don’t buy any new furniture, mattresses, or bedding until you know the bugs are eradicated.


Wat betreft bestrijding geeft de NYT deze tips  (in een ander artikel) over het vinden van een professional:

Ms. Gangloff-Kaufmann advises finding an established company that has been in business at least five years and routinely battles all types of pests, including bed bugs.

Most exterminators use a combination of pesticides and steam heat

Exposure to high temperatures is the only sure way to kill bed bugs, Ms. Gangloff-Kaufmann said. Cryonite, a freezing agent that kills bed bugs on contact, can add considerably to the cost of an exterminator visit, she said, and isn’t 100 percent effective against bed bugs.

Whatever an exterminator uses, it must directly contact a bed bug to kill it. Pesticides have no residual effect on bed bugs. That’s why you or your exterminator should never use bug bombs or foggers, which are completely ineffective with bed bugs.


Be sure your exterminator makes at least one follow-up visit. It’s virtually impossible to kill all the bugs in a given area with one treatment. Ask if any repeat treatments are included in the price quoted to you.

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