Livsane Paracetamol

  • 5 juni 2020
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I wanted to join the forum on Livsane Paracetamol but did not manage, could not find the way. I have been using Kruidvat Paracetamol and switched to Livsane when it ran out. There is a MAJOR difference. In short, the Livsane did not have ANY effect. I went to the Internet to read up on it and found a forum on Consumentenbond and realized that I was not alone in this. This should be researched. 

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It may be the reverse placebo effect, where you do get the actual drug but it has the effect of a placebo. It should indeed be researched, you may be on to something.

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Apart from the fact that you can give medicines many names if the original substance is Paracetamol, then there should be no differences. Paracetamol is Paracetamol ..... for years.  I have not known Livsane, then only what can be found on the internet, but if it is just the pure paracetamol, I can't understand that it doesn't work. This forum and the consumer association can 'relatively' answer a lot of questions, but you might be better off asking such specific medicine to


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